Who we Are

At Catalyst, we think church should be fun, real, and honest. If church is where you go to take a nap – we’re not the church for you. If you quit going to church because it was irrelevant or fake, then we might be the church for you! Every week, we create space where you can connect with God and with others like you on our journey of hope.

Hear for yourself

We asked some people to share how coming to Catalyst has changed their lives. Some grew up in church, some never went to church. All of them have found something special here and we think you will too.

What's your calling?

We are really focused on helping people find their calling in life. We believe everyone has God-given gifts that make our calling less about what we do, and more about how we participate in bringing heaven to earth.

Watch as Catalyst people share about their calling.


Very simply, we believe that all people, period, are loved by God. We believe that the best life imaginable is one that is lived in tune with God and His heart. We believe that it is possible for us to have an incredible life here on earth and that when we die, we will spend eternity with Him. 

We believe that God created all that is and that He loves His creation. We believe the first humans chose a path that was outside of God's design and it led to a brokenness in His perfect creation. We believe that God has been working to restore His creation and specifically came to earth as a man, Jesus Christ, to show His love in human flesh. We believe that He died and rose again to begin the process of heaven breaking into the here and now, and that He invites us to participate in this. We believe that with the help of His Spirit, our heart can be in alignment with God's heart and we can change the world. 

We believe that Christ came to begin a movement, not another religion. We believe that the Church (worldwide), while it has done its best to fulfill the heart of God, has not always done so, and we long to be the Church that Christ intended us to be.


Catalyst began in 2005 as Renewed Life Church, when two guys had a dream for a different kind of Church in East Dallas - one for people who just didn't get traditional forms of Church. After two years of meeting together, they renamed the congregation Catalyst and handed it off to two more guys who shared that vision. 

Catalyst Church settled in Rowlett, TX, just outside of Dallas, to be a refuge for people who want to learn more about God but found the practices and language of Church to be confusing, irrelevant or even hurtful. 

Today, Catalyst continues to insist that God is for everyone. We believe that God offers life to all of us, and we want to create spaces where everyone can embrace their God-given calling. To that end, we focus on faith that makes a real difference every day of the week, a faith that transforms enemies into friends, a faith that celebrates difference and diversity, and a faith that takes seriously the legacy of faithfulness we've received from 2,000 years of people finding life in Jesus. 

We believe the best years are ahead of us, and that if God is calling you to join us, then we get to make space for you, too.