what to expect

It’s intimidating to try out a new church. We promise we won’t embarrass you, call you out, or make you feel like anything less than family. Our commitment to you is to create a safe place where you feel open to hear from God. Dress is casual - you can wear a t-shirt and jeans and feel right at home.

We start our gatherings at 10:30am. When you get here, someone will greet you with a smile and point you in the right direction. You can grab a cup of coffee, check the kids in, and when you’re ready, come on into the gathering area.

We typically sing a few songs together and then someone from our teaching team will share from the scriptures in an engaging way. After the teaching, we receive communion together. Communion is open to anyone who is responding to God that day - you don't have to be a member of Catalyst to receive communion with us. Instructions for participating are always on the screen before we receive communion.


We close with a song, and then we're then sent with a challenge for the week ahead of us - usually a spiritual practice. 

If you’re worried we’re going to hit you up for money, that’s not our style. Each week at our gatherings, we give to God. We do this to remind ourselves that we must trust Him to provide. If you are just checking us out, please do not feel obligated to give. What's really important to us is that you’re there.