We podcast all of our teachings so that if you're checking us out you can hear how we talk about God. It's also a great resource if you miss a Sunday, or want to share a particular message with a friend.  On this page, we have some of the "best of Catalyst" teachings. They are a great snapshot of who we are.  Below you will find links to find our weekly podcasts for our Sunday morning gatherings, our teen gatherings, and a weekly 20-min Bible class.

  • catalyst teaching podcast

    Listen and subscribe to our Sunday Morning Teaching.

    You can also watch every gathering, on demand, on our YouTube Channel.

  • The synthesis Podcast

    The Synthesis Podcast contains all the teachings that we give at our teen worship gathering on Sunday nights, at retreats and other places.

  • bible bites podcast

    Bible Bites is high-quality, easily-accessible biblical education on the go that offers fun and engaging teaching in 20-minute bites, perfect for a commute, lunch break or kids’ naptime.